Monthly Archives: March 2015

Pro Bono Services

The firm is pleased to announce a significant and favorable result in oneĀ  of the firm’s substantial involvement in pro per lawyer services. Therese Shanks agreed to represent an indigent prisoner (David Abarra) who for disciplinary reasons had been deprived access to his former job in the law library serving as law clerk for various inmates.

The First Judicial District entered an Order of Dismissal on Mr. Abarra’s complaint challenging the disciplinary decision made by prison officials. Therese appealed the District Court’s decision resulting in the Nevada Supreme Court’s reversal of the District Court’s decision.

The firm is proud of the extraordinary services performed by Therese which is only an example of the firm’s contribution of pro bono services within the State of Nevada. The appeal of this indigent’s claim required substantial labor, effort, and appellate acumen, including oral argument before the Nevada Supreme Court.

The firm congratulates Therese and commends her for extraordinary services to the needs of pro bono litigants.